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Thai massage

It’s nice, helpful session this type of massage will relieve you from the severity of fatigue and takes you from Kiev rush to the center of Thailand.

Special impressions give the hands of masters, relaxing music and natural oils from Thailand, India and China.

Thai massage is different from other types of massage acupressure – a relaxing wellness therapy of origin of the baker of the king of India two thousand years ago.

The main feature of Thai massage in our salon of erotic massage – close contact with the patient.

Important importance is the patient’s breathing, and an atmosphere of trust.

This type of massage improves the condition of the nervous system. Life energy flows through 72,000 channels throughout the body by pressing and stimulation channels pixels, normalizing the flow of vital energy and exempt blocks that lead to physical discomfort.

When you perform a Thai massage you will feel our master pours heat throughout the body, which means the restoration of the energy balance.

Thai massage has a different direction and time can be very long and there are no contraindications, as there is a complete relaxation of the body.