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Erotic massage is a bright and unforgettable "fairy tale for adults". The girls of our salon create an ideal atmosphere that will help you relax and plunge into the world of unforgettable emotions and impressions!


Mini-body massage
600 uah
This session includes the following: erotic massage and foot massage. Duration: 30 minutes. Cost 600 UAH / one girl 1000 UAH / 30 min if 2 girls.
Body massage
900 uah
Body massage is a cascade of new sensations, light and sensual. You relax with the help of erotic massage. Your muscles really relax, and the feelings are exacerbated to the limit. The body massage includes: erotic massage with one relaxation plus a general classic massage, the girl washes you after the massage.
Exciting therapy
1100 uah
More than two thousand years ago, a close friend of the Buddha and a personal doctor of one Indian king, Javak Kumar Bhashi, invented a massage that can replace all modern medicine.
Massage for women
1200 uah
Erotic massage for women can be performed by both a male masseur and a female masseur. Duration: 1 hour. Cost: 1200 UAH
Jacuzzi session
1500 uah
"Jacuzzi-Session": erotic massage combined with water procedures. Cost: 1500 UAH / one girl 2500 UAH - 2 girls Duration: 60 minutes
VIP person
1600 uah
"VIP person": full body massage / 2 erotic / kisses and touches / shower after massage with a masseuse / champagne. Duration - 1 hour. Cost: 1600 UAH / one girl. 2 girls: 2900 UAH.
Outgoing massage
1600/2100 uah
Visit the girl in your apartment. Includes: erotic massage, full body massage, touch. Cost: 1600 UAH / 60 minutes / one girl. Cost: 2100 UAH / 90 minutes / one girl. Plus you pay the girl a taxi.
Double pleasure
1300 uah
Full body massage / 2 erotic / girl washes you after a shower. Duration: 1 hour. Cost: 1300 UAH / one girl, 2500 UAH / 2 girls.
1600 uah
To be in power a delightful woman, and every man dreams of fulfilling her erotic whims about it.
VIP program
2100 uah
VIP program: Duration - 1.5 hours. Includes: full body massage, 2 erotics, kisses and touches, a shower before and after massage with a masseuse, champagne, foot massage. Cost: 2100 UAH / one girl, 3900 UAH / 2 girls.
Vip massage "Relax"
2500 uah
VIP massage "Relax": full body massage, 2 erotics, kisses and touches, lingam massage, head massage, striptease, as well as a choice of erotic or shower after massage with a masseuse, champagne. Duration: 2 hours Cost: 2500 UAH / one girl. 4500/2 girls.
Massage for couples
2600 uah
Erotic massage for a man and a woman who are a couple. It can be performed by both two girls and a masseur with a masseuse girl. Cost - 2600 UAH. Duration - 1 hour.
The King of Life
5000 uah
The program includes: massage performed by 2 x girls, full body massage with 4 hands, kisses, touches, erotic dance of 2 girls during which they undress each other, shower before and after with 2 girls, also one girl does a head massage and the second foot massage (at the same time), plus a bonus in the form of champagne. Duration: 1.5 hours. Cost: 5000 UAH.
Gerem for sultan
5100 uah
"Harem for the Sultan." Duration: 60 minutes. At this time, the salon closes for an hour and all the masseuses are at your disposal. Cost: 5100 UAH.
Girl for the night
6000 uah
One girl masseuse stays with you for 6 hours. The program is agreed individually.