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Shower cocktail
Massage, washing away fatigue ... or a waterfall of emotions ...

Shower cocktail

Just imagine: a lovely mermaid in the jets of warm water makes hygiene massage tired body – this is a great start … or end of the day!

Cocktail of the foam, the gentle touch of the flexible body from head to toe – a full immersion, and increasing pleasure.

Shower Cocktail – this is the first step, which allows to forget about time and space. If desired, the procedure of healing oils can be used, giving the skin tone and the power, excitement or calming effect.

This shower is able to bring the cherished dream: delicate fingers, moist lips, drops of water running down the chest and buttocks will give strong erotic sensations. The contrast of sensations, complemented with a special gel, create stunning barely perceptible barrier between bodies.

Beautiful mermaid that can wash away all negative emotions is waiting for you at the Shower Cocktail!

After the procedure, you will feel ready for new challenges, perhaps even tantric massage …

The peculiarity of our cocktail soul: the use of professional aroma preparations from the aromatherapy complex. Only natural ingredients and of course, the mermaid from the sea foam …

Duration aqua procedure is approximately one hour.

Availability 24 hours.

It has no contraindications, as the water source of life energy.

Made his intimacy DIVE RIGHT NOW!