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"VIP person": full body massage / 2 erotic / kisses and touches / shower after massage with a masseuse / champagne. Duration - 1 hour. Cost: 1600 UAH / one girl. 2 girls: 2900 UAH.

VIP person

VIP person

Pleasure is what fills life with happiness. That is why a pleasant intimate relaxation is something that is difficult to do without.

If you are immersed in your fantasies in the sensual world of touch, then the service is created for you! A sweet and charming lady will help to make all dreams come true. She will become a real sorceress who knows how and with what to please you.

The unique erotic massage service is not only a procedure, not a familiar and well-known pleasure. This is a complex of various techniques and pleasant touches that you will like. A classic massage can be complemented by kisses and touches, but can there be anything more pleasant?


Just imagine that everything around is conducive to complete relaxation. The atmosphere is unique: here you can forget about everything in the world. Next to you is a beautiful girl who is happy to fulfill your dreams and fantasies.

It all starts with just stroking, then an erotic massage awaits you, which is extremely pleasant and gentle. If you want a romantic kiss, then you can include these excesses in the service. Well, what kind of romance without champagne? It is this sparkling drink that brings you closer to a stranger. In such an environment and in such a company, you will understand that you are a VIP-person, sultan, king, king!

Everything that will happen will be done for you, your pleasure and the receipt of those emotions and impressions that you could only dream of. You will have something to remember! The desire to repeat erotic massage again will appear for sure!

Indeed, thanks to him, you can:

• forget about everything in the world;
• enjoy the immense pleasures that an experienced girl will give;
• plunge into the excellent atmosphere, where there is no place for shyness, modesty and constraint.


It should be remembered that erotic massage normalizes blood circulation. Each touch of the girl will positively affect her health and emotional state. You can get rid of depression with a short but pleasant massage. After spending a little time in the company of a charming lady, from the first seconds you will feel positive changes.

One kiss will be worth the thousands of those that you had. Indeed, the tenderness and experience of a true professional can not be compared with anything! And that means it's time to use the service. You need to try something special as quickly as possible! You should use your chance to relax efficiently, without additional difficulties and any problems.

Classic back massage is also part of the VIP person program.