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Classic therapeutic and preventive massage, supplemented with elements of eroticism ...

Classic massage

Classic therapeutic and preventive massage, supplemented with elements of eroticism …

No longer do you need to spend time in the office with white male doctors with a frown in a special form.

Welcome to the world where everything happens with pleasure.

It is no secret that in life there comes a moment when the doctor advised to undergo a course of massage, to recuperate the body – now you have a choice.

In our salon of erotic massage in the center of Kiev, graduates quickly get you back into shape. At the reception, our masseuses are happy.

Our individual approach helps to improve your health and enjoy at the same time.

Treatment with pleasure – our motto; individual approach to each – our highlight.

People often ask what tricks our experts are used in classical massage. Not a secret! Stroking, rubbing, kneading, squeezing and vibration – in various versions.

The main objective of classic massage – to relax as much as possible.

For the study of large groups of muscles we start the Classical massage from the back, a smooth transition into his arms, to improve blood circulation, and then the legs, always from the bottom up … and in the final part of the abdomen and chest, and then you will be able to face your master massage , to share experiences, to control the power manipulations.

Classic massage performed by our specialists actively promotes the supply of all organs of nutrients, blood circulation, removal from the body destroying decay products, strengthening the joint and ligament apparatus.

Each masseuse erotic salon RELAX has its own style of performance and range of massage and manipulation techniques pleasant.

Feel free to rush us, get his master, and bring health to your body!

Still thinking?

Each segment of the spinal column is associated with a specific internal organ – your health is in your hands.

As long as you call, we pour oil on the warm hands!