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Aqua Foam Massage especially water treatments, relaxation in the company of beautiful naked nymphs.

Aqua-foam massage

If you’ve tried massage mistress, here you can feel like a Lord of the Sheikh. Our beautiful nymph, now give a relaxing pleasure.

Special atmosphere contributes to the rapid immersion in the world of ethereal sensuality.

Just imagine: bubbling whirlpool bath with a large number Jets, Spa oil, dim lights, and of course, candles.

Water vibration in combination with light exciting movements give the feeling of a pleasant shiver.

Inviting and relaxing music combined with special foam technology slip through your body – give a lot of fun.

Aqua massage nourishes your skin and fills its moisture, and combined with massage techniques helps the body to cleanse, improve your health, relieve fatigue, physical stress, and relax at the same time.

This type of massage is made in our salon of erotic massage favorably with other, exclusive and available only to you choice not only sensual nymph and professional foam selection:

  • Curative – special oils, make up, remove all kinds of irritation, dry skin, restores and makes breathing easier;
  • Rejuvenating – gentle cleansing, immune-protection, removal of excessive fatigue and exhaustion;
  • Moisturizing – gives peace of mind, she imbues leaves a feeling of freshness for a long time;
  • Tonic – increases elasticity of the skin, resilience, promotes good mood and fills you with vitality.

When the aqua-foam massage, you can choose the temperature of the water as you wish (35-37 degrees is considered ideal).

According to legend, the goddess Aphrodite emerged from the foam of the sea and the breeze brought her to the island naked, and where she stepped grew flowers, and what is your aqua-foam history with our Nymph?