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For our guests offer the New Year. Additions to the massage: striptease from The Snow Maiden, shower cocktail with Snow Queen, "Come with a friend" and get a discount, present from under the Christmas tree!

There are good individual offers for the company of Real Men and Enamored pair.



You dream to feel the great pleasure from the erotic massage?

You want to relieve stress?

салон эротического массажа

Salon of erotic massages salon erotic massage " Relax Massage" you can feel the incredible pleasure of a massage, and feel the pleasure and relief. In our salon the best erotic massage in Kiev, because we have the best masseuses, which are incredibly beautiful, attentive and caring to each client. In the salon of the erotic massage you will plunge into the world of pleasures, will be able to forget about all problems and to surrender fully relax.

эротический массаж Киев


Beautiful girls - masters will make you an unforgettable private erotic massage, their hands, and beautiful teen bodies you gently massage and delivered a lot of pleasure. Girls will be massaged every muscle in your body, you will find the most pleasant point, and turn your body into a solid erogenous zone.





Erotic massage in Kiev

If you dream to know the mystery of erotic massage in Kiev - visit our salon of erotic massage. Since ancient times eromassage was considered, not only in the way of joy, but also a great remedy for many ailments. After all, the disease triggered by the nervous overstrain and stress. During erotic massage, young girls will take off all your stress and make a new strong energy to beat around your body, causing indescribable bliss.

массаж девушке фото


Salon " Relax" provides the following services of erotic massage:


body massage

Aqua-foam massage

massage for couples


lesbian show

massage for Ladies

massage girl photo





эротический массаж салон


Erotic massage salon can be sure that in our salon erotic massage - the only qualified masseurs, which make the highest quality massage. Our salon is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, it means that you will be able at any time to arrange a little holiday and will gain new strength. If you do not have the opportunity to visit our beauty, our masseuses will make you a great erotic massage at home.



Once - you will want again and again to experience these feelings, and to achieve Nirvana.