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Erotic massage for couples
Erotic massage for a man and a woman who are a couple. It can be performed by both two girls and a masseur with a masseuse girl. Cost - 2600 UAH. Duration - 1 hour.

Massage for couples

Massage for couples


Massage for couples is perfect for both partners. First of all, this massage is the present moment of awakening the senses. After several sessions, it allows you to be more attentive to each other, restoring communication not only by word, but also by feelings. Massage for couples gives you the opportunity to know yourself and your partner in a new way.

In addition to awakening your senses, this massage will restore your confidence. Generally, after surgery, a serious illness, or any other visible physical change, some people have difficulty recovering the body. The touch of a loved one calms, instills confidence, and then these changes are better accepted. In addition, the distance between partners often increases when the couple has children. Women feel more like a mother than a wife. Erotic massage for couples allows everyone to find their place in a pair.

Massage for couples gives you the opportunity to enjoy an intimate atmosphere. During this unusual experience, your libido will be aggravated, and your desires will become easier to express and satisfy. Due to its sensuality, massage for couples eliminates all harmful forms of mental control, allowing a person to move away from their automatic behavior in everyday life. Massage is also a great remedy for stress and anxiety.


For conducting erotic massage for couples, hygiene is very important. It must be respected before each session. Available for both men and women, this massage is designed for open-minded people who want a unique and unforgettable experience.

Before starting the session, you need to discuss with your partner your expectations and specific desires. However, it should be remembered that this is not an energy massage, but a practice that should remain sensual and delicate. In order for a massage session for couples to be successful, it is important to release all the complexes and clamps. This will stimulate all the energy of your body to enter a phase of well-being and complete relaxation.

This massage is ideal when you want to regain contact with your partner. Erotic massage for couples is a mirror massage, which means that partners make the same movements at the same time in order to experience the same feelings. Massage for couples can also be performed for a special occasion, for example, in honor of a birthday or Valentine's Day.

Erotic massage for couples is a great way to improve the love life, which sometimes suffers from restrictions and habits. It will help rediscover the excitement of novelty, share the moment of sensuality, create a space of dreams for a long time, from which only you have the key - memories, feelings, with the only desire to relive them again.

One of the most romantic and intimate things a couple can do is enjoy an erotic massage together. These moments take place out of time and leave indelible imprints of sensual communication for each partner.