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Erotic massage for women
Erotic massage for women is a special massage technique, including wellness, relaxing, caring and sensual components. Sessions are conducted by experienced masters who are fluent in various massage techniques, who know the human anatomy and the “map of pleasure zones” of the female body. Their skillful hands can lead to the highest point of pleasure, even a constrained lady who does not differ in ardent temperament.

Massage for women

Massage for women


Erotic massage, like any massage technique, consists in a series of diverse effects on the skin and the muscles located beneath it. These can be of varying degrees of intensity and amplitude:

circular motions;

To completely relax the woman’s body and psyche, the master skillfully combines intense exposure with light, barely noticeable touches. At the same time, blood and lymph flow are activated, metabolism is enhanced, skin nutrition is improved.

All this perfectly affects the general health and well-being of a woman, contributes to weight loss, relieves nervous tension and muscle spasm. After a massage session, a woman feels refreshed, filled with strength and energy.


Relaxation is an essential element of any massage technique. And erotic massage for women is primarily designed to relax the body and psyche of a lady. Working, raising children, taking care of home women are subject to many stresses. Those adversely affect both the health and beauty of the ladies.

Erotic massage will help to completely abandon everyday problems and immerse yourself in the sweet bliss of pleasure. Skillful effects on skin receptors and stimulation of erogenous zones can relieve even the most intense tension. It perfectly affects the psyche, heals it, opens up hidden sources of energy for women.


An erotic massage session is carried out using special aromatic oils. They not only facilitate the sliding of hands on the woman’s body, but also take care of her skin. Provide hydration and nutrition. Fill with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Tone the skin, make it supple and toned.

The gentle, relaxing aroma of massage oils has a life-giving effect on the psyche of a woman: it relaxes, relieves stress, and sets you up for pleasure. All this has an amazing therapeutic and cosmetic effect. Each session of erotic massage literally rejuvenates a woman, makes her even more beautiful and desirable.


The main task that erotic massage for women is aimed at is to give pleasure. Even with a boyfriend, spouse or lover, not every lady gets the whole gamut of erotic feelings and emotions that she needs. At the same time, the female body is capable of experiencing intense, rich in shades, diverse pleasure.

On the woman’s body there is a huge amount of erogenous zones that can bring pleasure of one kind or another. Thanks to the skillful hands of a massage therapist, each of them will receive the attention that he deserves. The peak of erotic massage will be an intense, vivid orgasm and the full disclosure of a woman's sexuality.

In the salon «Relax» you will be able to achieve Nirvana, feeling your body to a gentle and warm touch masseuses, or a strong but pleasant touch of the hands of a young masseur.