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A relaxing body massage is an incomparable sensual pleasure
The body massage includes: erotic massage with one relaxation plus a general classic massage, the girl washes you after the massage. Duration: 60 minutes. Cost: 900 UAH / one girl, 1600 UAH / two girls.



Due to the effect on the entire surface of the body, it achieves the maximum completeness of sensations. Massage techniques include manual stimulation, as well as touching the skin of the forearm, elbows, chest and other parts of the body of a masseuse.

The name of the massage itself - body (which means "body") - implies maximum bodily contact. Before the session, the participants in the action prepare accordingly: undress, take a bath or shower, and adjust themselves to complete relaxation.


A relaxing erotic body massage always takes place in a separate room, isolated from extraneous noise, which is equipped as a comfortable room for the convenience and relaxation of participants. Massage is carried out in a very intimate setting, with a slightly dim light.

The room is calm, peaceful. Sounds nice, unobtrusive music. Very calm, relaxing. Sometimes - with the consent of the client - incense sticks can be lit. All these tools - a cozy atmosphere, dim lights, delicate aromas and sounds - are perfectly relaxing. Allow you to enjoy the process from the very first minutes.


Body massage is performed by professional masseurs. If the client is a woman of heterosexual orientation and she likes the touch of male hands, the masseur is a man. Men are provided with massage services by girls.

Since this type of massage implies maximum bodily contact, it is important that the massage therapist’s personality arouse positive emotions in the client: trust, sympathy, desire to feel his touch. In view of this, not only professional massage therapists are selected for body massage, but also attractive people.

Girls are pretty. They monitor their body, maintain skin and hair in the best possible condition, because all this in a sense is “working tools”. Masseuses are preparing for the session accordingly. Be sure to take a shower, epilate the body. Smooth, firm, well-hydrated skin gives customers great pleasure.


Since body massage is aimed at delivering pleasure to the entire body of the client, with it, almost all techniques of relaxing and erotic types of massage are used:

• kneading with palms and forearms;
• removal of muscle blocks with a more intense impact of the elbows or knees;
• stroking hands, chest, belly of a masseuse;
• subtlest stimulation with the help of light touches of hair;
• gliding over the entire surface of the body over the client’s body.

All these techniques 100% stimulate every cell, every receptor in the body. Cause a rush of blood to the surface of the skin. Awaken and gradually enhance sensory sensations. Naturally, with such active stimulation during the body session, erotic discharge usually also occurs.

All these features of the "body" massage and led to the fact that it has become the most popular type of relaxing procedures. The body allows you to completely abandon any problems of everyday life and immerse yourself in a real sensual tale told by modern Scheherazade.

Erotic massage in combination with body massage, will perfectly cope with depression, spleen in the fall, and will warm you on cold winter evenings.