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I got a nice massage from Diana and Maya on last Saturday. I was very impressed about the place and the kindness and also the privacy. The night in the club and our apartment with Diana was also a great time however she was a little bit shy in the apartman. May be it was a new situation for her. But anyway thank you for the nice time. Big kiss for Diana and Maya as well. Joe


Wow very festive decorations very much,and girls their images charmed I'm happy thank you will definitely come back.


Anya gave me a very professional sports massage to start. I found my knots in my neck, shoulders and legs after 30 hours of air travel releasing British going me to a state of relaxation. While her English skills were weak we had a good intelligent conversation. She has a fantastic sense of humour which added to the enjoyment of her company. She has an authentic smile that lights up her eyes and a figure that delighted this weary traveler. Once the sports massage had done its work the erotic portion of the massage began. Now I know why the call her a master masseuse. Happy endings!

Just a caveate this is strictly massage no sex or blow jobs just superb massage all done only with hands by a gorgeous woman with dancer legs.


AAA quality massage. Спасибо, София!


Thank you for sending Katia to my hotel last night. A lovely pretty girl, great figure and great massage. Two hours of bliss.


Both regular massage and erotic massage mediocre at best. Not bad but not great either.


I visited the relax in november this year and had a very good time. professional and extremely relaxing. Im coming back soon..... Diana, you are the many ways...


The massage was good. The girls very friendly. The girls more beautiful at this place then elsewhere in Kiev. I would return.


Full relax


is the massage for man incluid sex

Mr T

I got a perfekt massage last a few days a go! +++++


We are very glad that you liked us. We always welcome our guests. Looking forward to seeing you with us again.