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The most talented masters work for us

Age 26
Height 167
Weight 52
Waist 60
Hip 90
Breast Size 3
Hair Colour brown-haired
Eyes Colour hazel
Character attentive and gentle girl
Age 20
Height 170
Weight 56
Waist 65
Hip 90
Breast Size 2
Hair Colour blond
Eyes Colour blue
Character pretty blondie
Age 22
Height 165
Weight 58
Waist 63
Hip 95
Breast Size 4
Hair Colour blond
Eyes Colour blue
Character passionate, attentive & very positive
Age 22
Height 175
Weight 60
Waist 62
Hip 92
Breast Size 2
Hair Colour brunette
Eyes Colour dark brown
Character enigmatic, interesting, and very passionate girl
Age 24
Height 168
Weight 50
Waist 60
Hip 90
Breast Size 1.5
Hair Colour brunette
Eyes Colour dark
Character cheerful girl with a mystery

The prettiest girls and the most handsome boys of Kyiv work for the erotic massage parlor “Relax”. If you want to spend your time with benefit both for your body and soul, our staff will happily render you services connected with relaxing and erotic massage.

The certified specialists who have completed the courses of classical and sport massage work for our parlor. The pride of our parlor are unsurpassed masters of Tantric and Thai massage. Besides if you need therapeutic or prostate massage – our masseurs know very well how to do it in the best way.

In any of erotic parlors of Kyiv you will find the atmosphere that was created in our erotic massage parlor by our staff. Nice and friendly smiles and quality body massage are guaranteed. Visit our parlor and realize personally, that a relaxing massage, provided by true professional and simply nice person is one of the best ways to have a good rest.

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